Keyword Suggestion Service: Boost your site’s results!

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Published on: June 3, 2020 - Author: Jonathan

Home Keyword Suggestion Service: Boost your site’s results!

Keyword suggestion service explores the different keywords you can use to sell your product or service, based on your content and your competitor’s sites.

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. Because of this, proper keyword research analysis is of utmost importance: correct keywords can bring thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue. The wrong ones … well, the same, only in lost income.

If you’re going after a content based SEO strategy, you need to consider two types of keywords: those that you have on your site, and those your competitor’s rank for.

Keyword Suggestion Service: on page keywords vs competitor's keywords

What does this mean?

Well, in the first case, we perform on-site SEO analysis (or on-page SEO if you choose so) and analyze the keywords you have, and those you already rank for. Just in case: adding keywords doesn’t mean you’ll rank for them!

In the second case, we analyze the keywords for which your competitors rank. Some of them will overlap with yours, some of them will be hard to target, some of them may be real opprtunities.

How Does Our Keyword Suggestion Service Help You?

So here comes the part where our Keyword suggestion service starts: based on the data obtained from your site and your competitors site, we create a full SEO analysis report with suggestions for keywords for your site.

Keyword Suggestion Analysis: Deliverables

These suggestions and its corresponding analysis are divided in:

Current On Page Keywords

This is a list of the keywords you have in your site, which of them are you ranking for on Google, and their position.

Based on this report, our keyword suggestion analysis will recommend actions on keywords for which you can improve.

Competitor’s Benchmark Analysis

We check your competitors’ websites and their keywords and analyze them in relation to your website. From there, we extract information on how to topple your competitors using keywords that they do not use, or strengthening your position in the case of keyword overlapping.

Keywords Opportunities

Once we complete the keyword suggestion analysis, we can find opportunities. For example, keywords you could use, related keywords that neither you nor your competitors are using, secondary keywords (also know as shoulder), low-cost CPCs, etc.

As mentioned above, we’ll provide you with a complete SEO report for these insights so you can take measures as needed.

Keyword Suggestion Service FAQs

On-site SEO vs On-page SEO analysis faq header

How much time does Flamine’s keyword suggestion analysis take?

It depends on your site and our workload. On average, it takes 3 business days to be completed (this includes optimization)

Is there a limit of hours for your optimization services?

Yes. It’s impossible to realistically define how much work a site may take, but our one-time service pack (Ember) has a limit of 20 hours and Fire pack includes 40 hours a month. However, you’ll be informed before starting the project.

Do you perform any action based on this report?

It depends on the plan you get. Fire and Flames packs include actionable plans in order to get traction to your site. However, our lower plans (currently Ember plan), do not cover any actionable service. Keep in mind you’ll still get a full report of keywords, recommended actions and opportunities even on the lower plans!

However, be aware that there are 2 types of WordPress sites: self-hosted and those hosted at . If your site falls in the second case, we can’t provide services because your program won’t allow to do so. This being said, we could move your site to a self hosted one (which is strongly advised)

What kind of information or access do you need to work?

For keyword analysis we don’t need any particular type of access. We perform analysis based on publicly available content from you and your competitors-

Other services like yours charge between 10 and 30 times what you charge. Where’s the catch?

We are aware of this and we understand this may sound strange. However, there’s no catch. We can’t speak for other companies, only for us. And we believe in fair pricing and recurring customers, and this price is fair for our customers, but it also works for us.

Besides, unlike other services, we’re the only ones that guarantee results, so you could simply try us and if we don’t deliver, you get your money back (something you won’t get with any other service provider)

You mention a guarantee. What does it cover?

In a nutshell: We guarantee results, and we put them down in writing before start. If we don’t reach those results, we’ll give your money back, no questions asked. For a more extensive and detailed explanation, please see our Guaranteed SEO results policy